Gregory Chalenko - Compositing Artist and TD
Gregory Chalenko, headshot I've been working in the VFX area for 15 years, but my true passion and current profession since 2003 is compositing.
It's exciting to bring various raw materials like video, film, photo and 3D together to produce the final image and see the direct result of your work on TV or the cinema screen!

Modern compositing software such as Eyeon Fusion or Nuke from The Foundry offer not only solutions for compositing itself, but also quite powerful particle simulation tools.
I always took full advantage of these possibilities and generated photorealistic smoke, fireworks, sparks, muzzle flashes, snow, rain, bird flocks and other effects for feature films and TV projects.

Apart from performing my primary duties, I've been doing a lot of research in my free time, which resulted in multiple compositing-related articles and custom made tools. Such activity helps me improve and systematize my professional knowledge, and pays off later on actual projects.
Some of my proprietary techniques were presented on IBC, NATEXPO and FMX for big audiences, and I was also glad to demonstrate some compositing magic on events organized by 3D Powerstore in Düsseldorf.

My main skills are: compositing of any possible level of complexity, color grading, particle effects as well as knowledge of math behind image processing, optics and physics of light, color, composition and font theory.

Currently I'm working as a Senior Compositing Artist at Double Negative.